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The first annotation tool designed for geospatial data

GroundWork makes labeling satellite, aerial, and drone imagery easy.

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Depiction of GroundWork UI
Geospatial annotation visualization

Retain geospatial context

All imagery is projected on a map and retains its spatial context. No more stripping images of spatial metadata to make them work with a generic labeling tool.

Geospatial annotation visualization

Handle large images with ease

Geospatial imagery can be big. We break large images into digestible tasks that can be distributed to multiple labelers without sacrificing context.

Geospatial annotation visualization

Collaborate to get more done

Invite collaborators to annotate imagery as a team or contact us to get access to our managed annotation service.

Geospatial annotation visualization

Cloud-native architecture

All imagery is stored as cloud optimized GeoTiffs and labels are stored as GeoJSON. Exported data is represented as a SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog.

Create the right training data for the right model

GroundWork supports efficient annotation workflows for several kinds of training datasets.

Semantic segmentation annotation

Draw polygons to annotate the image. Exported data is merged into a single mask per class.

Object detection annotation

Draw polygons to annotate the image. Each individual polygon is exported as a separate instance of each class.

Classification annotation

Choose one or more characteristics that apply to that particular subset of the image.

Geospatial imagery is not an edge case

Supervised machine learning always starts with a high-quality training dataset, but image annotation tools have always treated geospatial data like an afterthought. Not anymore.

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